Accelerated Detox Powder

For a while I was combining all of these different detox powders when our friend Sara Banta said her product had them all in one! I'm happy to say I'm now making my life simple and using just this one product.

The Accelerated Detox Powder contains a proprietary blend of…

Organic psyllium husk
Zeolite mineral powder
Human grade diotomaceous Earth
Organic triphala
Oxygen enhanced magenesium
Activated charcoal (from coconut)

The best thing is that it mixes really well with water which I'm surprised about. It tastes better than all the other powders I've tried (not that we're taking it for taste anyway!).

People have been using binders like these to pull out toxins from the body for centuries. We're exposed to thousands of chemicals per day and this is something we can all do daily or a few times a week to really work with our bodies instead of against it.

I really feel great after taking it and my digestion has never been better.

Click below and try some today.

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