BARF World Raw Pet Food

If you care about your own health why wouldn't you also care about what you're feeding your dog. Just like in humans, nutrition and diet are critical for our dogs to have healthy long life full of vibrant living.

Currently we have Maggie (our 10 pound wiener dog) on the 90 day raw food challenge. She's only about a 2 weeks in and already her digestion is greatly improved, her stinky breath is gone, her skin and hair are shining & she has got a lot more energy.

Give a try. Dogs are designed to eat bones, entrails, organs and the meat. If you want to see how much we like the BARF diet for dogs check out this 45 day progress report on how Maggie did on this diet!

You're dog will LOVE this food I'm convinced of it.

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BARF World sells everything you need to get your dog’s health on the right track. You’ll find all kinds of products like books, frozen patties, freeze dried frozen treats, supplements like healthy oils, joins supplements, first aid kids and even colloidal silver to help detoxify your furry little pup.

I can’t tell you how great it has been for us to work with Robert and their staff. They’ll walk you through how to begin the transition to a raw food diet and help you the entire way.

You can call them up at any time and ask them questions and their entire staff is so knowledgeable and supportive.

Maggie is on the diet and she was even doing a raw food diet before and as you can read above, we’ve already noticed a considerable difference in her energy and vitality levels.

You’re dog will love this food and you’ll most likely avoid expensive vet bills because you’ll be preventing potential disease by feeding them the correct diet.

Like Kate and I always say with humans and our diets, “You’ll either pay now, or you’ll pay later.” 🙂



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