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The Bellicon rebounder is hands down THE best rebounder on the market today. If you want to prevent disease, increase circulation, detox the body, cleanse your lymphatic system and build bone density you'll want to jump up and down every single day on a rebounder.

I do it for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes per day as part of my disease prevention strategy. I would suggest to save up and buy the best of the best which is the Bellicon.

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Here I am again, using the Bellicon!

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Rebounding is one of the best exercises we can do along with stretching, cardiovascular training and weightlifting. I do all 3. But no exercise on earth can do what rebounding does. Every other exercise can be mimicked by doing some other exercise, not rebounding.

Rebounding helps cleanse the lymphatic system (that has millions of one way valves that open and close on each jump) of toxins and poisons as well as builds bone density for osteoporosis in men and women. What other exercise stimulates every cell in the body?

If you want to cleanse every single day and build bone density and strengthen your heart and other organs, you’ll want to look into this bad boy. There are so many benefits of rebounding that everybody should add it to their fitness protocol.

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