BluBlox Blue Blocking Sunglasses

Finally a pair of blue blocking sunglasses that are actually stylish! You can actually wear them around like I do here and here. After recording episode #460 I quickly realized how important it is to block blue light.

I’m so dedicated to this light part of the health equation I even wore them in the hospital for 3 days indoors! This is another pair I have.

Blue light damages our pineal gland. It hinders our bodies ability to produce the hormone melatonin which causes sleep issues. Also melatonin helps to prevent cancer. Excess blue light exposure inhibits our mitochondria to supply energy to the cell so genetic expression is altered.

Light is much more important than, food, nutrients and fitness. What did God create in the beginning? Light.

As you can tell I’m very serious about making sure blue light is mitigated in our home. I even have orange bulbs!

Make sure to grab a pair of these awesome blue blocking glasses today.

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