Blushield EMF Protection

EMF is dangerous. Here are some of the dangers of electromagnetic field radiation…

Prevents the mitochondria from functioning properly
Dehydrates the mitochondria and prevents it from holding a charge, creating ATP and creating water
Allows 1,000 times more calcium to enter into the cell than is normal
Cancers of all kinds have been reported
Cellular damage
Loss of sleep
Nervous system issues
And much more

A simple sticker on your phone is not enough.

There are 2 ways to mitigate the health effects of EMF.


Blushield helps to retrain the body to harmonize with EMF frequencies. Blushield works internally on making the chaotic frequencies more acceptable to the human body.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore external EMF mitigations. All tools should be used to prevent cellular damage so that you can increase mitochondrial function.

I highly recommend Blushield technology. There’s a reason over 2 million dollars has been spent in testing and the results are truly eye opening.

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