Dr. Cowan’s Garden

Dr. Cowan’s Garden is a family-owned maker of true organic vegetable powders. His powders are great for food lovers looking for new ingredients, for parents trying to get kids to eat a wider variety of vegetables, and perfect for anyone needing to make quick and nutritious dinners on the fly.

They use organic or beyond-organic vegetables to make our powders. Some of the healthiest people who ever lived – from Native Americans to traditional Africans – consumed a large diversity of plants.

Their vegetable powders make it easy for you to diversify your vegetable consumption. Miron violet-glass jars filter the aging wavelengths of light to protect the vibrancy of the powders for years.

How To Use Dr. Cowan's Garden Powders

You can add them to smoothies, water or juices. The most preferable way though is sprinkled in soups, on pasta, on meats, in tacos or burritos, or on casseroles or rice.

It's hard to get this much nutrition into your day. Imagine making your food taste WAY better AND radically improving your health in the process!

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