Earthing Bed Sheets

By not being connected to the earth not only are we prevented from getting the healing electrons being emitted from the earth, but we're also exposed to dangerous electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, wifi towers, dirty electricity and more.

This radiation prevents the body from producing the cancer preventing hormone melatonin as well as affecting our body's ability to produce enough antioxidants and many more.

Our circadian rhythms are really messed up as a result of not being directly connected to the earth.

We love our earthing pads and mats. We have one for our bed and mouse pads also.

Imagine being able to ground yourself for at least 8 hours per night and receive all the healing energy that the earth provides. You'll lower inflammation, decrease muscle soreness, get a more restful sleep and more.

You will love it. is a great company and we think you'll enjoy their products as much as we do.

Click here to see how I use one of my grounding rods!

Here’s another video of me using it!

Click the link below to grab yours today.

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