EMF Defender Pad

The Defender Shield is my number one go to product to mitigate the EMF radiation that comes from our laptops.

See the product videos below.

The harmful effects of EMF radiation from cell phones, lap tops and computers adversely affects our circadium rythms and our health. We were never meant to be exposed to this much radiation on a daily basis.

If you have a lap top or or any kind of electronic device that sits on your lap or is close to you, I cannot recommend enough for you to protect yourself from the radiation being emitted from them.

The Defender Shield is the #1 product I recommend to people. They are light weight, fit all lap top or tablet sizes and they even have products for cell phone protection as well.

Not only that but these things are durable and will last years!

I don't own a cell phone but if I did I would most definitely be getting one of these to protect myself from the EMF.

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