Greenwave Filters

Dirty electricity has been shown in studies to affect cellular biology. We know from the work of Dr. Jack Kruse that nnEMF (non native EMF) damages mitochondrial function, lowers DHA levels in the body, reduces voltage and increases insulin sensitivity affecting blood sugar levels.

Our walls are literally carrying stray voltage that's damaging our health.

The Greenwave filters are your solution to quieting the electrical noise coming from the electrical circuits in the walls of our home.

I suggest starting out by buying a meter and making sure that the plugs near your bed and office desk are properly mitigated with a Greenwave filter. Once you see the levels go down and experience the health promoting benefits, work on other rooms in your home, starting with the sockets next to where your children sleep.

Imagine turning your home into a healing sanctuary! The Greenwave filters is the first step towards making that happen!

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