Earth Runner Grounded Sandals

For those that don't know “grounding or sometimes called “earthing” is the concept that mankind is biologically hardwired to be connected to the earth. By being physically connected to the earth, humans receive electrons magnetically from the earth itself into our bodies.

This helps to regulate the circadian rhythms of the human organism. By being disconnected from the earth (living in 2 story homes, working in high rises etc) we are (according to the theory) causing our immune system to constantly be working harder than it should in order to find our circadian rhythm.

Sometimes it's not always easy to walk barefoot. When we do, it's potentially possible to be exposed to parasites that could be living in the grass or dirt.

Enter Earth Runners.

They're stylish, earth friendly, cost effective sandals that allow you to directly receive the electrical charge and potential of the earth itself right into your feet.

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Earth Runner sandals are constantly evolving and Michael (the owner of the company) is very much open to new ideas and constant innovation of his product.

They’re comfortable and something that I would recommend to anybody. In today’s constantly changing world with new technology that is encroaching into all areas of our life, we need new ways to combat this.

Earth Sandals is a great way to ground yourself to the earth and allow your body to receive the earth’s natural energy.

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