Iris Blue Blocking Software

Iris is by far the best software I’ve found to block blue blue light from your computer, cell phone, tablet or laptop. Blue light damages the central retinal pathway, lowers dopamine levels, lowers DHA levels, lowers melatonin levels, alters hormone levels, increases insulin levels, damages your brain, eyes and nervous system, wrecks your sleep, dehydrates you at the cellular level, creates circaidan mismatches and destroys your ability to sleep.

I don’t work on a computer that doesn’t have Iris on it.

Iris is great also because it’s the only software that can remove blue light without increasing the flicker rate which further damages mitochondria.

There’s a free and paid version of this software. As of this writing it’s $15. Just buy it, it’ll radically change your health and life.

Remember, light is more important than food because all food is tied to the photosynthetic web of nature.

Click below to download Iris. Your mitochondria will thank you. 🙂

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