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I’m beyond excited to finally be standing behind the best probiotics in the world. Wayne Blakely is truly a mad scientist when it comes to developing and nururing probiotics.

The human body is supposed to have over 1,000 *different* strains of bacteria. In the Western world we are now down to around 300 different strains. It has been said that 80% of our immune system is the bacteria that live in our gut. We must feed these bacteria so they can support our longevity.

Not having the right amount of, the proper ratio or the right type of specific bacteria is affecting our body’s overall health. Remember, the bacteria in our gut is what creates vitamins and the essential elements for life. Without these benefitial flora we cannot make the substances we need to thrive on this earth.

The old saying is true….death begins in the colon.

Keeping proper flora should be the goal of anybody who wants to live long, thrive and propser. I encourage you to try some of these products by Wayne Blakely and see how you feel!

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