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Most shampoos and conditioners contain extremely toxic cancer causing chemicals that are not only damaging to your hair and scalp but to your long term health. You see each time you burden your body with these chemicals, your body becomes weaker and weaker over time.

The great thing about Morrocco Method's hair care products is that they're completely non toxic, chemical free, organic, raw, vegan, wild crafted and can you get this?, picked according to the lunar cycles.

Not only are the herbs hand picked according to the moon cycles but they're also formulated according to the moon cycles as well. The shampoo will leave your hair feeling soft and amazing.

Kate and I recently switched over to Morocco Method a while back and really enjoy them a lot.

If feels good to not only be avoiding chemicals and toxins but to also be putting something on your body that's healthy and restoring chi to your body.

You will LOVE their products!

There's a reason why Anthony Morocco is called The Hair Shaman. 🙂

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Morrocco Method has natural shampoos, conditioners, hair mists, and even natural hair coloring. Their products are raw, vegan, organic and wild crafted. Anthony Morrocco has been in the industry for over 40 years and is on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the hair industry.

Your hair will feel shiny, and silky smooth after using Morrocco Method’s products.

People love being able to take care of their skin, scalp and hair using 100% organic, natural and raw ingredients that help to restore the chi of the hair.

Kate and I have been using his products ever since we had him on the show and we’re big big fans. Kate is a hair dresser by trade and as you can imagine she’s incredibly picky about what she thinks is good as well as what she puts on her hair for health reasons.

She’s the biggest fan there is of Morrocco Method and so am I.

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