Organifi Green Juice Powder

We had Drew Canole on the show a while back (Ep. #146) and we love what he's all about. He's a real stickler for product detail.

Organifi is nothing short of amazing. It is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit and has medicinal mushrooms, herbs and vegetables in it that taste awesome. I like to take it with me to the gym, to the beach or on long hikes.

It's great for building better digestion, getting a more alkaline pH, improving mineral and nutrient absorption and it's a great way to get phytonutrients and enzymes into your body.

All of these things help to increase energy, decrease weight, improve digestion, increase mental clarity, prevent disease and flood the body with all necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients.

On top of all that, it tastes amazing (has slightly sweet mint flavor) and it takes 2 seconds to dump a scoop of this in your water and be out for the day.

The benefits are endless. To see all the benefits and read the full ingredient list click on the button below for all the details!

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