Power Perfect Box For Dirty Electricity

This is an EMF Whole Home Dirty Electricity filtering solution that MEASUREABLY filters and conditions harmful dirty electricity on the entire house wiring to provide clean energy to your home.

It will reduce your electrical costs by up to 15% or more and filter out ALL the electrical lines in the home, not just circuits where you can install plug in filters.

As a wire-in solution at the electrical distribution panel, it provides robust surge protection, voltage regulation, line conditioning, magnetic field reduction, dirty electricity reduction, harmonics reduction, PLUS energy savings through reduced energy consumption and equipment longevity due to cleaner, more efficient power.

Square Footage of Residence:
Homes/Apts. with area of 500SF to 1000SF 2 Plug-ins
Homes/Apts. with area of 1000SF to 3500SF Power Perfect Box plus 3-4 Plug-ins
Homes/Apts with area of 3500SF or greater Power Perfect Box Heavy Duty plus 6-8 Plug-ins

For an office just get 2 plug in units for your work space.

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