I love the colostrum products and pine pollen in particular that Daniel puts out. He's really on the cutting edge with formulating these products. For example his reishi and chaga extracts are super concentrated, made with fresh spring water that they've harvested, dual extracted (using both water and organic grape alcohol), then put into special miron glass in order to preserve the delicate compounds.

I mean who is doing that?

These products help with your hormone levels, strength, vitality and provide super nutrition. They're simply amazing.

Nobody on the planet is doing what he's doing in this regard.

We highly support everything Mr. Vitalis does. Perhaps that's why he's a regular on our show!

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I believe Daniel Vitalis is taking herbalism, wild food and hormone enhancing products to another level. His knowledge and passion for cutting edge products is off the charts. I really want to see him succeed along with his product line because there has never really been products like these in the marketplace before.

I love his pine pollen and colostrum. I haven’t tried the deer velvet antler yet but I’m dying to give that one a try. If you want to regulate your hormones naturally and really build immunity, you’ll want to check out what he’s got going on.

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