The 200 Watt Far Infrared Table Lamp

The Far Infrared Ray Table Lamp generates 200 watts of pure far infrared energy. It is lightweight, portable, and uses the same temperature controlled semiconductors used in the Relax Sauna, and the FDA certified Sky Eye Medical Lamp. As little as five minutes of treatment will have a therapeutic effect on the targeted areas of your body.

The table lamp is beneficial for localized inflammation, pain, skin issues for various parts of the body. Also, people do find relief and better circulation for the face, eyes, and sinuses. Usually, people use it for 5-10 minutes at a time, once or twice a day.

The Design of the Far Infrared Table Lamp Allows Direct Focal Concentration

It is very beneficial for people with…

Neck, Shoulder, or Back Pain
Joint Pain, Arthritis, or Gout
Eye strains from work, or aging
Indigestion, Menstrual Cramps
Tooth Aches and Swelling
Open Wounds, or Diabetic Ulcers

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The lamp provides faster relief and is more effective than a heating pad. The Far Infrared Table Lamp is great for: Sore muscles, head-aches, nasel congestion, ear-aches, tooth pain, facial pain, and sore throaths. It can also help with bronchial and asthma difficulties, indigestion, wounds, burns, and can accelerate skin regeneration after scarring.

The Portable Table Lamp efficiency is extraordinary. It actually generates more power than the TDP far infrared mineral heat lamps, which are used by acupuncturists worldwide.

Safety certificates are on file for the FIR PortableTable lamp.
The 4 patented semi-conductor chips contain THERMAL, F.I.R., AND HEATING materials.

Inherent in the design is an automatic temperature control function that normalizes the temperature. The Relax 200 watt Table Lamp WILL NOT burn nor scald the user. A tissue paper can be brought close to the heat source and it will not burn.

The FIR Table Lamps’ Distinctive Difference Among FIR Products.
The power of most FIR products in the marketplace is from 8-250 watts. The high power is also accompanied by high temperatures. Because of this, they are not suitable to use for a long time and not burn.

The Relax portable FIR 200 Watt Table Lamp has high power, low temperature and eliminates near infrared ray completely so it can be used for a long time. The Relax FIR energy is absorbed into the body, and resonates with human cells. It will not cause users to burn even if used for a long time.


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