The Squatty Potty

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We own the bamboo version of the Squatty Potty and absolutely LOVE it. I will say it took some time getting used to it but now I almost don't think we could live without it.

This might get graphic but when we go to the bathroom, there's no straining or anything like that. It feels so natural and right. I don't know why every bathroom in America doesn't have one.

This is one of our favorite purchases we've made over the past year. It's similar to the Vitamix because now that we have one, I can't imagine ever going back to not having one.

I start to wonder how I went to the bathroom all these years without one. It's the most natural way of eliminating and once you try one you'll never go back. I GUARANTEE it!

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By sitting on the Squatty Potty you change the angle of the puborectalis muscle from 90 degrees to about 35 degrees creating a more acute angle. This allow the fecal matter in your rectum and lower colon to more easily be eliminated without straining.

I highly recommend watching the videos in the tab above or clicking the link below to learn more about how this whole thing works.

But as you know from our radio shows we only recommend products we have used and/or really believe in. This thing works and you’ll be addicted very fast.

I’d recommend getting one for every toilet in your house.

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