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If you don't have a water filter…YOU ARE the filter!

Patrick Durkin is a modern day water wizzard. We have his whole house water filter on our home and stand behind them. These energetically structure the water. Structuring Water energetically neutralizes all toxins and energetically enhances all nutrients and does so by molecularly changing the Hydrogen Bond Angle. An increased Hydrogen Bond Angle brings about a multitude of attributes commensurate with the truth of Nature, perfection.

At your cellular level an individual cell can only receive one molecule of water at a time. Structuring water is the answer. The increased Hydrogen Bond Angle through Structuring reduces the huge water clusters to between 5 and 20 molecules, instant hydration. Now the energy your body would have to extend to hydrate your body prior to Structuring can now be used to repair your entire cellular structure.

If you want to learn more about Patrick and his company watch the videos below!

We also have the VitaJuwel water bottles and absolutely love them. You can see a picture of ours here.

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