TrueDark Blue Blockers

TrueDark® Twilight glasses block at least 90% of the wavelengths below 570Nm and – basically all blue, green and violet. We block the broadest spectrum on the market! Melanopsin, which is required for melatonin production, is very sensitive to green and violet, as well as blue.

We created Twilight glasses because the “blue blocking glasses” advertised throughout the internet were limited to blocking only blue, making them insufficient as sleep or sleep hacking glasses.

Personally I wear the Twilight Classics about 2 hours before bed.

Here’s how I wear blue blocking glasses *when indoors either day or night*

Yellow during the day up until around 5pm
Light orange until roughly 7pm
Dark orange until roughly 9pm
Red from 9 to 11pm
11pm Bedtime

You’ll sleep better, protect your hormones, hold onto more melatonin (which is the #1 anti cancer hormone in the body), sleep deeper and have more energy.

Wearing blue blocking glasses have been the single most important shift I’ve made in my health since I got into natural healing in 2003.

Click below to buy a pair today and start sleeping better!

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