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Photobiomodulation is a trending topic today. The idea of using light to assist the body in healing has gone back since the beginning of time.

There are over 3000 studies showing how light frequencies can help the body in dozens of ways. We are in fact light beings. There’s no doubt about it that we are over nourished and light deficient. We have photo receptors all over our bodies that are designed to uptake and store light in order to send the right signals from our mitochondria to our DNA.

Remember, our mitochondria (which are primarily influenced and impacted by light) are what control genetic expression. Having a gene for something, doesn’t meant anything. It’s the environment we live in that impacts the mitochondria to tell our DNA to express themselves.

Light is the #1 way to impact mitochondria.

There are 6 flagship products that Vielight offers…

Vielight Neuro Duo
Vielight Neuro Alpha Brain
Vielight Neuro Gamma Brain
Vielight 633 Red
Vielight 655 Prime
Vielight 810 Infrared

We cannot make claims here but I use light therapy daily to enhance my biology. With so much junk blue light out there that’s damaging our mitochondria, one of the best ways to mitigate that is with the introduction of photobiomodulation to the photoreceptors on your skin. Vielight is a great and truly unique way to get this healing frequency of light into your body!

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