Xtrema Ceramcor Cookware

Xtrema Ceramcor is the final solution that Kate and I have found to help solve our issues with finding cookware we really believe in. It's 100% ceramic with zero leeching of heavy metals.

Even above the cleaning factor this leeching was the biggest concern for me. It's not worth ingesting heavy metals and toxicity simply because it's easy to clean. But here's the kicker…

They are incredibly easy to clean and allow you to cook at a lower heat because the cookware actually retains heat much longer than any other cookware.

Imagine cooking eggs, bacon (if you eat bacon we like turkey bacon!), soups and all kinds of things that taste amazing but knowing it's not leeching anything toxic into your food.

I encourage you to do your research but I don't think you'll find better cookware that's as non toxic as Xtrema from Ceramcor.

If you'd like to learn more, I'd recommend clicking on the video tab below to see it in action!




Super quick and easy to clean (they even encourage using baking soda or steel wool Brillo pads!)
Non-stick pans
Stove safe
Cooks evenly on very low heat
Absolutely zero toxins from heavy metals or chemicals
You can even wash in your dishwasher
Won’t scratch
They can be used in the oven
Fridge and freezer safe


If you drop it, they can break
Takes a little bit more time to heat up (still only 2 or 3 minutes) than metal cookware



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