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Online Health Stores

Amazon – Thanks for using & bookmarking our Amazon link for all your purchases!

Vitality Herbs & Clay (tell them we sent you for a free product on your 1st order!)

iHerb – They have just about everything all in one place. Use code JHK616 for 10% off your first order!

Surthrival – Bone broth protein, dual extracted herbs, hormone modulating supplements and more.

Thrive Market – Thousands of items at 20-50% off retail. I highly recommend them.

Radiant Life – They have everything from foods, to supplements to kitchen equipment and more.

Perfect Supplements – Cleanses, supplements, herbs, mushrooms & everything in between.

Earth Shift Products – a wide array of unique health and healing products procured by Dr. Robert Cassar.

Lucky Vitamin – A great portal for thousands of health related foods, supplements, herbs, kitchen appliances and more.

Raw Food World – Raw foods, cleansing devices, bulk foods, supplements and more.

Herbs, Essential Oils & More

Jing Herbs – Developed by Paul Stamets and a place to get powerful herbs.

Dragon Herbs – Ron Teegarden has a great line of herbs and herbal extracts

Mountain Rose Herbs – The best place to get bulk herbs, spices and medicines at great prices.

Living Libations – Essential oils, teeth care, body lotions and so much more.

Beauty, Skin & Hair

Annmarie Gianni Skincare – Natural makeup & skin care products galore!

Morrocco Method – Raw, vegan, organic & wild crafted hair care products

Animal Products & More

Primal Blueprint – Low sugar snacks, amazing supplements and more by Mark Sisson

US Wellness Meats – Organic grass fed meats & much more

Slanker Grass Fed Meats – High quality beef and other animal products

Standard Process – Animal based supplements and super nutrients.

Ancient Minerals – Some of the most high quality minerals on the market today

Everything Else! 🙂

My Promo Life – Ozone & oxygen generators, sunlamps, vision improvement & lots more interesting items.

Sunwarrior – Vegan protein powder, green powders, minerals, ormus and more!

Tropical Traditions – Coconut oils, high quality meats and more.

The Body Ecology Diet – Programs, cultured foods, supplements and more.

Onnit – I love their workout gear and super high quality supplement line

Synergistic Nutrition – Grass fed whey protein powders, mineral supplements and more goodies.

BARF World – Hands down the best raw dog food on the planet

Global Healing Center – Multiple organ cleanses and high quality supplements

Health Force Nutritionals – Killer green powders, supplements and more.

Bulletproof – Coffee, brain octane oil, grass fed ghee and more.

Activation Products – Oceans’s Alive, Magnesium oil & other amazing products.

Apricot Power – Vitamin B17 supplements in many varieties.

Yoga Body Naturals – Yoga training equipment, exercise gear and more.

Kombucha Kamp – Fermentation crocks and much more to make your own home kombucha brew!

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