Juice Up Your Life Program

Whenever people ask me what the first thing they should do is, in order to turn their health around, the #1 thing I say is to get into the habit of juicing!

Most people don't know where to start. It's so confusing. What do I juice, how much do I juice, how often should I juice, should I buy organic, will my juice go bad if I don't drink it right away, can I juice fruits, are there any combinations that don't work well?

The questions go on and on. There's definitely a right way to juice and a wrong way to juice.

Here are some mistakes people make when they start juicing

  • Drinking green juice on top of other foods
  • Waiting way too long to drink your juice
  • Using too many sweet fruits in your juice
  • Treating your juice like it's a meal
  • Not properly chewing your juices or green smoothies
  • Not properly washing your juicer
  • Juicing spinach or kale too often
  • You stopped juicing because you learned green smoothies are healthier

This program with Drew Canole will walk you through step by step exactly how to juice and stay consistent with it for the long haul. The results you'll get (if you stay on the program – which is easy and fun to do because it's so motivating!) are nothing short of incredible.

Click the button below to see Drew's presentation about what the program covers and how it can help you get results!



In this course from our good friend and guest on our show, you’ll learn more about how the body works than any place else.

This transformation program works not just on the physical level but also the emotional and spiritual as well. If you’ve watched any of the videos by Drew in the tab up to labled “Videos” you’ll quickly realize this guy is not going to create products that don’t get results.

He develops and creates cutting edge programs that get results. If you want to completely change your life (and your waistline and health) this is THE program for you.

I’m a huge fan of what Drew is doing and that’s why we had him on the show. This program will decrease your inflammation, lower your stress, help you lose weight and build more muscle, increase your energy and so much more.

Check out his 4 part system

Part 1 Learn how to change your mindset and discover the Why behind your transformation.
Part 2 Reset your body by cleansing it of all its toxins
Part 3 Fix your eating habits through a Customized Nutrition Plan
Part 4 Learn to live green on the inside and transform your life

Check out some of what you’ll learn…

On page 19, I talk about Veggie vs. Fruit juices.
On page 29, you get an entire list of fruit juice recipes.
On page 58, I begin to give you a bunch of Vegetable juice recipes (54 recipes in all!) – with hand picked vegetables specifically for best results.
On Page 91, you’ll also discover how to develop ‘rock solid’ sustainability with exercise.

3 Free Bonuses

The New Lean Cook Book
Outside Shoppers Guide
Six High Quality Videos

Click the link below to watch a really funny and entertaining video of Drew talking more about the course. 🙂



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