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If you're in the market to purify and clean up the water in your house, Friends of Water is a company Kate and I highly recommend.

Timothy Hickey and his wife (who's a homeopath) started Friends of Water in 2006.

We believe that Timothy and his wife are putting together some of the most cutting edge products on the market.

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They have water bottles that purify water, portable water filters, shower filters, garden filters, rain collection tanks that store your rain water and everything you can think of to celebrate, save and purify water.

We HIGHLY recommend this company and if you start growing some of your own fruits and vegetables, don’t water them with municipal tap water that contains lead, aluminum, chlorine, chloramine and fluoride.

These heavy metals and toxins will actually make it into your garden and food. At the very least get yourself a good shower filter that removes chlorine and fluoride.

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