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There probably isn't anybody on the planet who is more meticulous about what goes into her products than Nadine Artemis. She was an amazing person to have on the show and we're so honored to be promoting her wonderful products.

I highly recommend what she does, and love her products so very much. They offer great things to the world and it's just great to be helping to support Nadine and Ron over at Living Libations.

If you're looking for a wide range of organic, natural and raw products to use for your personal hygiene than you'll want to look no further than Living Libations.

I've been following her work since 2003 and think that her products should be much more mainstream than they are.

Watch the videos below in the video tab to learn more about what Living Libations has to offer!

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From essential oils, to tooth pasts, after shave creams, body lotions, chocolate, body creams, eye care and everything in between you’ll find something at Living Libations.

All of their products are made with love, and prepared out of a desire to help people live more holistic and healthy lives. You can see from their videos and their website that Nadine and Ron are very passionate about what they do.

This is why we wanted to have Nadine on the show. She was such a blast to have on.

Did you know that most “organic” products still contain ingredients in them that could be damaging? What goes on your skin is akin to putting something into your mouth. In fact it’s even more important because what goes on your skin topically gets absorbed into your bloodstream with no buffering detoxification organs like your stomach and liver to mitigate any damaging chemicals.

It’s even more important to put only pure organic and natural ingredients on your skin or nothing at all.

We think you’ll absolutely love the products at Living Libations. 🙂

Click the “Videos” tab above to learn more about Living Libations and what they have to offer you!

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