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Activation products have 3 major products as of this writing. It's the Magnesium Infusion, Oceans Alive and the Panseeda Oil. We don't recommend anybody buy anything they're not sure of.

I would HIGHLY recommend listening to our show with Ian Clark above as well as watching the videos in the tab below.

These products are ultra pure, 100% organic and (I believe) the most powerful on the market today.

We get emails all the time from people who swear by these products as much as we do. They absolutely love them and continually reorder them because once they tried them, they quickly became addicted to the results they were getting.

Click the button below to check out their site and try it out for yourself!



Magnesium is the one mineral we are most deficient in as humans. Magnesium is the most used mineral in the body and it’s responsible for building strong bones, and thousands of other biological process within the body.

It’s THE most important mineral/nutrient known to man and Magnesium Infusion in particular is the most bio available and powerful version of magnesium on the planet.

Oceans Alive contains all 92 trace minerals and is THE best way to get your minerals. Minerals are even more important to the body than vitamins. Without minerals we die and become susceptible to disease extremely quickly.

Oceans Alive is created through and incredibly intricate and detailed proprietary process that helps to create this amazingly powerful product.

Once you give it a try you’ll see how much it can do for you.



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