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Since I own Cancer Step Outside the Box and know Ty Bollinger personally from having him on our show, I have to say I'm a little partial to his work and information.

I recommend this book all the time to people who are newly diagnosed with cancer. But personally I think we should all start thinking of cancer in terms of prevention. There's a greater than 50% chance you will get cancer once in your lifetime.

What are you doing to prevent it? This book talks about all the amazing natural cancer treatments that are out there. It also has an entire list in the back of health centers worldwide in the event you want to go to a place dedicated to healing.

I HIGHLY recommend this book and am SO glad we have it for reference. The digital version includes free revisions (which he does often) with all the latest cutting edge research. You know, all the stuff regular medical doctors don't have time for. 😉

Please consider getting Cancer Step Outside the Box, you won't regret it.

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I can not tell you how much of a fan I am of Ty Bollinger. Ty is somebody who has lost 7 family members to cancer. I have a lot of respect for him in terms of the amount of research he has done for this book. Not only have I read this book but I have listened to about 10-12 audio and video interviews with him.

He is not only a really good speaker but a great writer. He talks about how and why cancer starts, the political side to cancer along with tons of cheap and usable resources for healing just about any type of cancer. He sifts through all the natural treatments and provides only the top 20 or so that have shown the highest cure rates.

Not only that but he gives references for where to buy the herbs, supplements and formulas to heal but he also has an entire exhaustive list of natural healing centers where people can go to get real treatment.

I have referred many of my friends onto this book and I highly recommend it. There is also an audio version too!

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