The Longevity Now Program

Because I own this product and have gone through it I'm a bit partial because I love it.

The Longevity Now Program by David Wolfe is absolutely groundbreaking.

Its main assertion is that all disease is a result of an excess or buildup of bad calcium. Dr. William Wong has said essentially the same thing.

These nano bacteria calcium forming organisms are what eventually bring down all mammals. They cause internal inflammation, fibrosis, organ shrinkage, stiffness, aging and as a result death to any organism.

David has a unique 90 protocol for removing this bad calcium so you can have more energy, prevent all disease, be limber and flexible like a baby.

I HIGHLY recommend this program.

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David Wolfe is the raw food guru and has created an amazing product with The Longevity Now Program. He is truly on the cutting edge of health, healing and superfood and super herb nutrition. His entire program is based on getting rid of bad calcium (which is related to fibrosis and all disease in the human body) out of the body.

Thought calcium supplements were good for you? After going through this program that gives you health practices to start incorporating you are going to have an entirely new perspective on healing.

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