Multi Table Standing Desk

I am a HUGE advocate of standing while working. There is lots of evidence indicating that sitting is extremely unhealthy for you.

This Multi Table is the one that I use in our studio. We really like it a lot. The main reason is that it's adjustable. You can even put your own top on the base of it which is what I did.

And right after we purchased ours they came out with a motorized one where you don't even have to use a crank style handle. You can put the entire thing together in about 10 to 15 minutes.

I highly suggest looking into one of these machines.

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It has been known that the benefits of standing are increased circulation, better oxygen transfer, decreased risk for cancer and heart disease.

If you spend a lot of time working like I do, you’ll want to mitigate the unnatural positions of sitting as much as you can.

It’s part of our “rewilding strategy” that Daniel Vitalis talks about.

Spending a life time sitting for 8 hours a day in my opinion is going to significantly shorten your life.

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