Raw Chef Fermentation Course

According to many natural doctors we should have over 1,000 *different* strains of bacteria in our gut. Americans have on average less than 400 different strains.

We have more bacteria in our body than we have actual cells in our body by a factor of 10.

Eating fermented foods on a daily basis is a way to take our health to new levels.

This fermentation course with Russell James (aka The Raw Chef) will allow you to easily be able to make fermented bacteria rich foods at home that taste delicious.

His products are amazing and incredibly high quality and I recommend everything that he does. You'll get access to a course that is..

Way beyond sauerkraut…Prepare decadent drinks, cheeses, sauces and desserts – using only the simplest techniques and equipment.

A fully-mentored journey into the world of fermentation… A complete series of high-definition videos, step-by-step instructions and delectable recipes.

Presented by two of the world’s leading raw chefs… Russell James, the UK’s most revered raw chef, and Amy Levin “The Raw Chocolatier”, come together to bring a new level of vibrancy to your kitchen.

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