I first heard about clubbells from Daniel Vitalis. He talks a lot about functional strength and how traditional weight lifting (while great) is not that natural. How natural is it to do a bench press of 300 pounds?

Clubbells mimic more natural human physiology and rhythmic movements.

They work all 6 planes of motion which make them a great workout.

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Clubbells are the most exciting pieces of equipment that I have seen in a long time. I’m so excited about these things and how they can workout your muscles in different angles and rages of motion.

I would start small and buy a light one and work your way up. Clubbells help teach your body that resistance doesn’t just happen in linear and angular ranges of motion. When you increase resistance in 3 planes of movement, you can start to build real strength and endurance.

These things must be a part of your home workout routine!

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