As many of you know we've had Daniel Vitalis on our show many times. He's just great. If you want to learn about how to use herbs, macerations, infusions, decoctions for your health in unique ways, I would highly suggest picking this up.

It all starts with education and you will learn a lot from watching this video.

You'll be able to tailor the the drinks to meet your specific health goals.

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ElixirCraft is a must have for anybody interested in taking their health and knowledge of herbalism to the next level. Not only will you learn 6 recipes designed for men and women in all phases of life, but you’ll learn basic and advanced principles learning how to work with, prepare and cook any herb to meet your needs.

Here are the 6 recipes Daniel Vitalis explores…

  • Invincible Immunity Elixir
  • Kawa-Kawa Chilly Chai
  • Body Builder Elixir
  • Male Vigor Elixir
  • Exude-Good-Mood Elixir
  • Phases of the Moon Elixir

ElixirCraft trains you in recipes for improved brain function, building lean body mass, supporting male and female hormones and sexual function, deep relaxation, and powerful immune system boosting. The quality of the video is very professional and Daniel Vitalis is a top herbal alchemist in the world today.

Herbs can take your health to levels you never thought possible. It’s just not possible to be 100% healthy without incorporating herbal medicines into your diet.

This program merges the growing superfood movement with herbal alchemy to give you the tools to work with ANY herb and make your own concoctions. In a unique way Daniel walks you through using tea as a base for nut milks, smoothies and shakes that will blow your mind.

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