The Complete Adrenal Health Program

Poor adrenal health can be connected to Feeling tired, Inability to sleep, Oversleeping and not feeling rested, Getting agitated more often than usual, Cold or sweaty palms or feet, Excessive body odor, Cravings for salt or sugar, Rashes, itchy skin, Muscle cramping, Muscle weakness, Excessive urination, Inability to handle stress, Excess body heat, Feeling wired and tired at the same time, Decreased sex drive or lack of sex drive.

If you have any of these symptoms you should definitely consider getting this program. The amount of concentrated information all packaged together in a complete course like this is difficult to find.

In 4 hours you can get an education and crash course in not only why you have these symptoms but also an exact step by step protocol on how to fix adrenal fatigue.

Sure you could probably search the internet and piece all this information together but having all of this cutting edge information immediately available in one place from a trusted source like Kevin Gianni and Dr. Williams is something that's hard to pass up.

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In this program you’ll discover…

  • Why many MDs and natural practitioners misdiagnose adrenal issues and confuse their patients more than help.
  • A simple way to test your adrenal function at home.
  • A powerful collection of herbs that have been used to regulate adrenal function for thousands of years.
  • Specific foods that you can eat regularly to help regain your adrenal strength.
  • How to fire up your sex drive and feel as frisky as you did when you were a teenager.
  • How take control of your adrenal health by understanding adrenal hormone blood testing and optimal levels.
  • How to interpret your own adrenal blood tests to identify why you’re feeling sluggish and what you can do to bring back your energy levels.
  • Why you need more than just minerals and B-vitamins to bring back your adrenal health.
  • Specific herbal and natural supplement protocols for all adrenal issues such as adrenal burnout, Cushing’s Disease, Wilson’s Disease and many other underlying adrenal challenges.
  • If using hormone replacement therapy is effective or not.
  • And much more…

It’s 4 hours long and comes with a workbook in digital form (great for instant access – no shipping). YOu’ll learn how to test your adrenals at home, blood test protocols along with how to read them as well as herbs, superfoods and supplements and even exercises to help support your adrenal glands.

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