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Kate and I are absolutely in love with these products. We cycle through many of them but right now I'm using the Sacred Clay (really high in minerals particularly silica), the digestive bitters and their green powder. I've used many of their other products too and think Michael King is an amazing person.

They help to restore the body to the point where we don't have to keep relying on taking isolated supplements. His products are whole food products and are amazing.

I would suggest buying the Sacred Clay, Digestive Bitters and the Earth & Sea Greens with SBOs & Fiber.

Those are our personal favorites at the moment. I'm sure as we try more we'll change that list.

If you tell Michael (call him up) we sent you he'll send you 2 weeks worth of free product!

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You won’t find a better company that provides higher quality herbs, superfoods and most importantly sacred clay. People have been using clay for thousands of years in many ways. Clay baths, ingesting clays, using it topically on the skin and so much more. Clay is adsorbtive which means it has the opposite electrical charge that parasites, worms, toxins and poisons have in our body. When a small amount of these clays are ingested each day, it helps to cleanse your colon, bowels and detoxify your body.

They have Nourishing Superfoods, Clay and Mineral Blends, Digestion and Elimination products, bath and body care products, detoxification products and so much more.

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