The Ejuva Cleansing System

This Ejuva program is recommended by all the major health gurus and raw food leaders from David Wolfe to Dr. Brian Clement and even Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

There are many cleanses on the market today but after you listen to our show with Dr. Charles Partito you'll probably see why Ejuva is one of the best. It's 100% raw and organic.

There's specific dietary protocol you follow for 4 weeks to cleanse every organ in your body, not just the colon. This is the cleanse where people get the ropes out or they “drop their lining” as it were.

We stand behind the Ejuva Cleanse 100% and are very proud to be offering it here on Extreme Health Radio.

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Where do I start with the Ejuva cleanse? It’s the only 100% raw, 100% organic, 100% vegan, 100% wildcrafted and 100% gluten free colon cleanse on the market today. It’s recommended by some heavyweights in the industry such as: Dr. Gabriel Cousins, Dr Joel Robbins DC, MD, ND, PhD, Dr. Brian Clement, Kevin Trudeau, David Wolfe, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Dr. Fred Besci, Paul Nison, Dr. Elson Haas M.D. and Dr. George Cromack.

The Ejuva Body Cleansing program is formulated specifically for the detoxification of the Alimentary canal (from your throat to your rectum), your blood, your organs, your lymphatic system and your tissue cells, while improving elimination and general well being. Since every human being has unique health requirements, the program has been designed to be taken in 4 stages, each lasting approximately one week.

The Ejuva cleanse consists of 4 phases:

Phase 1

This is the initial phase and most mild of the phases, it prepares the body for deep cleansing. First time cleansers, toxic individuals, meat eaters, those with chronic diseases or physical problems start here. Even at this stage, old fecal and mucoid matter are expelled from the body. The herbs and shake are consumed once a day and three meals may be eaten per day.

Phase 2

During this phase only two meals may be eaten per day, and the herb and shake consumption is increased to twice per day.

Phase 3

One meal may be eaten per day and juicing is allowed, the herbs are consumed 3 x’s per day, allowing for deep cleansing. Many people elect to end their cleanse here.

Phase 4

This is the most potent phase of the Ejuva Body Cleansing program. No solid food is eaten during this phase, this phase is a juice fast consisting of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The body cannot digest solid foodstuff and cleanse. The human body will always choose digestion over cleansing. However, while juicing not only does your body receive more nutrients than when eating solid foodstuff.

This is one of the best cleanses on the market I highly recommend it.

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